Taming Child Tantrums

Temper tantrums are emotionally draining for kids and parents alike. They cry for hours on end, refuse to get off the floor and the worst part is that this mostly happens in public, in front of thousands of strange eyes. Parents are often left helpless and confused, their parental ego hurt.

The other day, my son wanted me to buy him some djeco toys online. And guess what?

After the purchase of these djeco toys online and they make an appearance at home, he started a tantrum to say it I not what he expected, and I purposely bought the wrong thing for him because “I don’t love him anymore”. This went on for hours and hours, draining every bit of energy I had in me. This was one of the worst tantrums I have experienced. So I sat down and pen down a plan as to what I and other parents could try out to manage these stressful situations. Visit this link https://www.educationaltoysonline.com.au/product-category/our-brands/djeco/ for more information regarding Djeco toys online.

Before you expect the next tantrum-tsunami to hit, talk to your child as to what upsets them, if they are old enough to tell you. Make sure they are getting lots of rest and proper nutrition. Try to avoid the tantrum trigger as much as you can, if it is within your reach. The other most important thing is to act the part yourself. Watch how you react when you are angry. If you are doing the adult version of your kids’ tantrum, then you can’t really blame the child for following suit. Set a few rules in your minds for your child. You are their parent, and their discipline is your goal. SO don’t give in, and stick to your principles, even when they are bawling their eyes out.

When the tantrum hits, be calm and do not create a tantrum yourself. Don’t give in to their tantrums and fulfil their responsibility as this is an effective way of letting them know that the best way to get something done quickly, is to throw a tantrum. Try to get into their shoes and think what they might need done to be soothed at the minute. Leave them alone on their own for some time, while checking on them often. This is time to show your child that they can rely on you for anything, that you are the calm and strong anchor that will be there if things were to go wrong in their life. Don’t give those more reasons to be upset, or act in a manner that you will highly regret later you really have got to keep your calm.